1. Getting Life Insurance is ‘Adulting’ Right!

      There are things that we all must do to make it as a grown up in the world. The term ‘adulting’ has come to encompass these sometimes onerous tasks. It means everything from going to bed early on a work night to setting up auto pay on your…Read More

  2. Common Life Insurance Myths

    In our last blog, we started covering some common misconceptions about life insurance, and we will cover a few more this week. We covered the misconceptions about the cost, who needs life insurance, and if you need coverage beyond what a job may offe…Read More

  3. Life Insurance Misconceptions

    Life Insurance is squarely in the adult world but there seems to be an aura of mystery about the details that only the initiated are privy to. No one tells you about it in high school, you don’t get a pamphlet on it with your diploma or marriage ce…Read More

  4. Just In Case

    Many young adults don’t get life insurance when they should. If this applies to you, we would like to tell you some reasons you should get life insurance. maybe you think you think you don’t need life insurance because you are young and healthy, …Read More

  5. Grown-Up Responsbilities

    A new verb has increased in popularity recently, ok, it isn’t a real word yet, but who knows, maybe Merriam-Webster will include it next year. The word is adulting. It means doing the things that have to be done in life, especially when you are gro…Read More

  6. Life Insurance Policy Riders

    When you talk to an independent insurance agent from Security Insurance Group they will ask you questions to get to know your insurance needs. On of the things they will be asking about and listening for is if you need an insurance rider. This week…Read More

  7. Why You Really Do Need Life Insurance

    Security Insurance Group is staffed by independent insurance agents. We serve the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor area.Using an independent insurance agent benefits you because we don’t work for the large insurance companies: we work for you. W…Read More

  8. LIfe Insurance in the Fort Collins Area

    Security Insurance Group is located in Northern Colorado and helps connect individuals and families with large life insurance carriers. We give you the personal attention you need to feel you are getting the right policy, and we will get to know you …Read More