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Security Insurance Group serves the Fort Collins area, providing life insurance, car insurance, and business/farm insurance. Let us match a policy to your needs!

In many aspects of life, it’s a great idea to cut out the middleman. This usually means that you’ll save money while still getting the same product. You can buy your countertops from the supplier rather than the big box stores and save money for sure. There are a few things in life, foundational things, that you should not cut corners on. Insurance is one of these.

Finding the Right Coverage

  • The insurance company is, in most cases, there to serve their stockholders above your needs.
  • What you need in this instance is someone who has your best interest at heart and knows the policies.
  • Independent agents go through rigorous training and know how to match your needs with one of the hundred of policy from dozens of companies.
  • They know the ins and the outs and can tailor a policy to your needs by getting you the riders you need for complete coverage.

Filing a Claim

  • Getting you a policy is one thing, filing a claim can be quite another.
  • Chances are if you are filing a claim something bad has happened, sometimes something catastrophic.
  • The last thing you want to deal with at times like those is resistant bureaucracy.
  • An independent agent can help you file your claim while you try to pick up the pieces.

Relationships Matter

  • In independent insurance agent works for you, not the large insurance companies.
  • A relationship between you and your agent can help you get the right policies and lets them know about your life, so they can better match a policy to meet your needs.

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