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Running your farm or ranch like a business can make the difference between a successful enterprise and one that struggles and bring you more stress than satisfaction. When running a farm or ranch, insurance is part of your risk management plan. There will always be risks in farming. Modern technology and farming practices have increased yields and reduced risks, but I don’t know any farmers or ranchers who don’t, at some level, enjoy the risk of this line of work.

Independent Insurance Agents

  • Your agent doesn’t work for the insurance company. They work for you.
  • Your agent will get to know you, and your farm or ranch and will find a policy to fit your exact needs.
  • You agent will help you file any claim, should it come to that.

Farm Vehicle Insurance

  • Vehicles on a farm get the work done and if something happens to your vehicle, work stops.
  • Your agent can help you identify all the vehicles that can fall under farm use coverage.

Livestock Insurance

  • Whether it is drought or a blizzard, livestock farming, has its risks.
  • Minimize your financial risk by having livestock insurance.

Crop Insurance.

  • Every farmer has a year when the crops fail.
  • There could be no rain, or lots of rain but at the wrong part of the season.
  • There are also storms and hail to think about.
  • Another big risk a farmer faces if falling prices. If the market price falls, it will help your bottom line if you have adequate insurance coverage.

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