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Why You Should Use an Independent Insurance Agent

Security Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency. We work for you, not the big insurance agencies to get you just the right policy for car insurance, life insurance, business insurance and homeowners insurance.

Do I Really Need an Agent at All?

  • In today’s internet-centered world, many people wonder if they still need a personal insurance agent at all.
  • Can’t you just go online and shop around yourself?
  • Well, yes you can do that, but without the extensive training of an independent agent, you’ll never know for sure what extra coverage you need, what discounts you could be getting or what companies have a proven track record for paying claims in a timely fashion.


  • Yes, we are biased, but for good reason.
  • We see the benefits of using independent agents every day when we provide excellent service to our customers.
  • When we get the right coverage for a business by asking just the right questions.
  • We see it when we remind a homeowner that certain possession, such as wedding rings, need an extra rider to a policy to be covered.
  • When we help a new car owner get a car insurance discount they didn’t know they were eligible for.
  • We see it when we deliver a claims check to a customer. Besides finding you the right policy, we will also handle the claims process for you. We know the bureaucracy and while we can’t guarantee they will pay your claim, we can increase your odds because we know how insurance companies work.

We work for you!

Unlike agents that represent a single company, our job is to find you the best coverage for you needs, regardless of the company. Call (970) 373-2688 or (303) 660-0632 today to talk with an independent agent near you.