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We’ve been discussing what riders are, what they offer you and how an independent insurance agent is best positioned to help you get the best insurance coverage. We are Security Insurance Group, based in Greeley, CO and serving the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor areas.

In our last blog we discussed some important life insurance riders and will continue that in the future, but this week, we are going to turn our attention to homeowners riders that you might want to consider.

One thing many people don’t know is that their jewelry and other expensive items, like musical instruments or works of art, won’t be totally covered by the personal valuables section of a regular insurance policy. For example, some policies might cover personal property for up to $1,500, or even $5,000 but the contents of a jewelry box can outstrip that amount very quickly. Be sure your independent insurance agent knows about all your valuables so that they can get all of your precious things covered in case of theft, damage, or loss.

We know of a woman who had her wedding ring stolen by a maid but was unable to get a conviction. The maid company was bonded but that means they pay only in the event of a conviction. The homeowners insurance didn’t cover the cost of the ring and so she was out the most valuable and meaningful piece of jewelry she had.

Ask your independent agent at Security Insurance Group about a rider to your homeowner policy today.