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Security Insurance Group is staffed by independent insurance agents and serves the Fort Collins area providing auto, homeowners and business insurance. Today’s blog will cover auto insurance. When you are looking to insure your car there are several things to take into account. The first one is your driving record.

Driving Record

One thing that affects your rates is your past driving record. Depending on the insurance company, your rates can go up a particular amount. But what that amount is dependent, again, on the insurance agency but also on the type of ticket you’ve received. The severity of tickets for moving violations can be seen to be in three categories: low-impact, moderate effects, and severe consequences. An example of a low-impact violation is a broken headlight. A moderate violation would be a ticket for driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. A severe consequences violation would be a DUI violation. It all comes down to risk. If you look like you are a bad risk, and will cost your insurance company money in the short or long run, they can refuse you a policy or, of they sell you one it will be very expensive. The good news, if there is any after a serious violation is that, with time, and a clean record, your premiums can go down again.

We will cover other factors that influence your car insurance rates in future blogs. Be sure to check back with us and in the meantime give us a call to see how we can find you a better deal that you have currently!