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When you first move into a new apartment or rental house, you may hear the term renters insurance,or maybe your parent is insisting you get it but you don’t know a thing about it. Well, you are in luck! Security Insurance Group can help! We are not an insurance company per se, but instead a company staffed by independent insurance agents.

What is Renter’s Insurance

  • Every homeowner (and landlord) is required to have insurance on the apartment building or home. Their insurance will cover structural damage to the building in cases of damage from, for example, fire or a natural disaster.
  • But, if the house or apartment you are living in is robbed or has damage from fire etc., your personal goods won’t be covered by the homeowners insurance.
  • You need renter’s insurance to cover your own personal belongings.
  • Make a home inventory of your valuable, and not so valuable so when you speak to an agent you can get the right level of coverage.

Why Should I use an Independent agent instead of just calling a company myself?

  • An independent agent doesn’t work for a particular insurance company, so they aren’t trying to sell you a policy to make their quota, instead they work for you.
  • They are highly trained and know the companies and the policies inside and out and can help find you the best suited policy for your needs.
  • They will take the time to get to know you so can figure out if you are eligible for discounts or packages.

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