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Anew verb has increased in popularity recently, ok, it isn’t a real word yet, but who knows, maybe Merriam-Webster will include it next year. The word is adulting. It means doing the things that have to be done in life, especially when you are grown person responsible for things you previously depended on your parents or other grown-ups to do. Adulting means doing things like paying the bills, paying your rent, car registration, filing your taxes, and getting insurance, especially life insurance. It’s the law that you must have car insurance, you have to show proof of homeowner insurance to get a loan to buy a house but life insurance? No one *makes* you get life insurance, it’s something you do when you know it needs to be done. It’s pure adulting at it’s finest.

We are now going to turn to another contemporary pop culture term to explain why you should have life insurance. Yes, we’ve turned to the somewhat tacky cliches of “You Only Live Once,” to tell you that someday, you will die. It’s the modern version of Carpe Diem. We all die and no one knows when it will happen. Young healthy people die and old people die. Breadwinners and homemakers. We all have value to those in our lives, and while no money can replace the joy our presence brings to our loved ones, making sure they are not left with a pile of unpayable bills when we are die, is something we can do for them. You do this by having life insurance.

When you get to the point when you are ready to buckle down and do some serious adulting for your family, call the reliable and honest independent insurance agent at Security Group Insurance in Greeley. We serve the Fort Collins area, providing great coverage for life, auto, homes and businesses.