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Security Insurance Group is not your average insurance company. No, we are an independent insurance group. This means we are staffed by independent insurance agents. This, in turn, means that we are not beholden to the big insurance companies. Instead, we work for you. We don’t try to sell you the coverage you don’t need. Our business turns on customer satisfaction, and we focus on our customers’ needs, not the needs of the big insurance companies. Our independent agents are highly trained and are well versed in the different companies, the different levels of coverage, as well as the most advantageous ways to bundle your coverage to make sure you get maximum coverage for the lowest price.



Among the types of insurance coverage we sell is auto insurance and this is the time of year when people are making lots of claims due to accidents, both big and small, due to slippery conditions. This week’s blog will focus on tips to help keep you safe when driving on icy roads.

Avoid Driving on Icy Roads

  • Of course the best way to avoid sliding and crashing on icy roads is to avoid driving on them. This can mean working from home the day after a big storm, or delaying a trip until road conditions have improved.
  • If you can wait a day or two and give the snow plows and brine trucks a chance to get to all the roads, you can increase your safety.
  • If you absolutely have to go out, try to use well-traveled roads, as they are more likely to have been plowed.

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Practice Safe Driving Habits

  • Driving in the snow is not the time to make a phone call or, heaven forbid, type out a text. If you must do one of these things, pull off the road and make the call or write out the text in the safety of a parking lot.
  • Two hands on the wheel. Of course, you should always aspire to drive with both hands on the wheel, but everyone occasionally grabs a bit to eat, or a steamy, delicious latte when they head out for a commute. Driving on snow-packed roads is not the time to do this. Pop that bagel in your bag and save the latter for red lights to be the safest driver you can be in dangerous conditions.
  • It may seem obvious that you need to slow down when the conditions are wintry, but it can never hurt to be reminded. Accelerate slowly, turn slowly and of course, give yourself extra time to come to a stop.
  • Take extra care on hills. Even if you think you have the traction to get up the hill at full speed, go more slowly than if you were driving on dry pavement. You don’t know what is over the top of the hill and you don’t want to have to slam on the breaks to go slow down the downslope. That is a sure way to slide out of control.

Maintain Your Car

  • Spinning out of control isn’t the only way to sustain damage to your vehicle during bad weather. Having your car die and having other drivers slide into it is also a common way to need to file an auto insurance claim.
  • Make sure your battery can withstand cold temperatures and that your antifreeze and coolant system is functioning and has all the fluids at correct levels.
  • Making sure your windshield wiper fluid is full and that your wipers are in good condition will also help you to be safe on the roads in bad conditions.
  • Be sure to brush your lights and your exhaust pipe clear of snow before you set out.
  • Good snow tires can make a world of difference for winter driving. You’ll feel the difference when you set out with tires that take a bite out of the snow, instead of gliding along on top of it.
  • Get your brakes tested regularly. The last thing you want to do is discover that your brakes are faulty by not being able to stop on the ice!

When you need auto insurance in the Northern Colorado area, be sure to turn to Security Insurance Group to get coverage catered to your needs, not the big insurance companies’ wants.