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Security Insurance Group is an independent insurance company serving the Fort Collins area. We are highly-trained specialists. We know the insurance companies we work with and know the available policies. We put this knowledge to use by precisely matching policy-holders with the right policies. We handle homeowners insurance, car insurance, business insurance and agricultural insurance.

The last thing you want to go through is serious damage or loss to your home, only to find out you are not sufficiently covered. It’s hard to know what exactly is and is not covered so we thought we’d put together a list of things to keep in mind when deciding on coverage amounts.

According to CNN Money, you should have coverage for 100% (at least 90%) of the replacement cost of the actual structure.

The contents of your home are covered between 50 and 75%. To be sure your coverage is sufficient make a list of everything you own, and its value and keep it somewhere safe, maybe in an email that is stored in the cloud. This list will prove very helpful if you should ever need to make a claim.

The higher the deductible the more you’ll save. It seems counterintuitive, but insurance companies assume if you are willing to pay a higher deductible, you will less likely to file petty claims.

Let us help you navigate the confusing waters of insurance companies and policies. We are located in Greeley and serve the entire Northern Colorado region including Fort Collins and Loveland.