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Dear Security Life Insurance,

I need life insurance, car insurance, and homeowner’s insurance, but I’m suffering from massive distrust of the insurance companies. To me it seems like one is just like another and the only difference is the price I’m quoted when I sign up (which I’m guessing will probably jump up to being equal with everyone else’s within a year). Plus, it seems like an exercise in boredom to wade through multiple quotes on multiple insurance companies’ websites, not to mention that I’ll end up on multiple mailing lists. Is there truly any way to be strategic and efficient when it comes to my insurance choices?


Cynical Insurance Purchaser

• • •

Dear Cynical Insurance Purchaser,

Thanks for asking! What you need is not an insurance company–you need an insurance broker. What’s the difference, you ask? An insurance broker is an independent insurance agent who does not work for any one company.

Imagine this: You contact State Farm, Geico, and Progressive to ask each of them for a quote. But at State Farm, you talk to a State Farm employee, at Geico, you talk to a Geico employee, and at Progressive, you talk to a Progressive employee. In each case, you’re talking to a highly trained sales rep who is required to spin his product to you to convince you to buy it. But in those circumstances, can you really get an intimate, knowledgeable look at the policy, coverage, and real-life pricing?

Now consider this alternate picture: You contact Security Insurance Group, and you talk to one of our agents. Our independent insurance brokers are already familiar with ALL of the insurance companies we work with–24 different companies from Allstate to Zurich. We know the intimate details of how that coverage actually behaves in real life, how easy it is to make a claim, and how closely it matches your needs. We will listen to you, run through our comprehensive knowledge of all the options out there, and then show you options that are truly focused on YOUR needs, not on some sales rep hitting their numbers in a cubicle somewhere.

Becoming an insurance broker is no small feat, between getting the right degree, fulfilling the licensing requirements, and developing the knowledge base that the broker has to have in order to be able to efficiently and strategically guide each customer into an insurance plan that brings together everything that each individual needs. All of the brokers at Security Insurance Group bring to the table a huge wealth of experience and a commitment to your best interests, so that you get the best insurance policy.

You could go and learn all that material yourself and be sure that you’re always making the right insurance choice, or you could outsource that piece to us and let us guide you to the best policy for you. Whether it’s a homeowner’s policy, auto insurance, business liability insurance, farm insurance, or life insurance, we have the knowledge, expertise, and range of options to make sure your insurance is a great match for you.

Give us a call today and one of our thoughtful, caring experts will help you out.


Security Insurance Group