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Security Insurance Group is staffed by independent insurance agents who work for you, the customer, not the big insurance companies. We know the companies and the policies inside and out, and we will find the policy that is a perfect fit for you. No matter what you are buying, basic knowledge can help you make an informed decision. We’ve listed some basics of car insurance to get you started.

  1. Are you getting a new car, or just considering switching insurance companies? We can help find the one that is right for you, your driving habits, and your car. Ask your agent about the specifics of a policy as level of coverage varies from policy to policy.


    • You will be covered in the event that you hit something, be that another car or an object.
    • A rollover will also be covered.


    • As the word implies, this coverage covers a wide range of circumstances.
    • This coverage takes care of damage that is not a result of an accident.
    • If your car is damaged by fire, you are covered.
    • If your car is damaged by a natural events like a flood or tornado, you’ll be covered.
    • If your car is stolen, you are covered.
    • Vandalism is covered under this type of coverage.
    • An animal strike, such as hitting a deer, is covered.

    Bodily Liability

    • This coverage covers personal injuries of the driver and passengers of the other car in an accident.

    Property Damage Liability

    • This coverage is for property damage, say, a fence if you should slide of an icy road.

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