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Security Insurance Group serves Northern Colorado, providing homeowners insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and more. You may be thinking,” Security Insurance Group? I’ve never seen a TV commercial for the Or maybe, “I don’t know their funny mascot, I shouldn’t use them!” Well, there is a reason you don’t know us, it’s because we are not an insurance company. Instead, we are staffed by highly trained, and highly qualified independent insurance agents. We’ll explain the benefits of using an independent agent is this week’s blog.

Independent from Whom?

  • An independent agent does not work for one particular insurance company or another.
  • The agent works for you.
  • The agent will have a thorough knowledge of many companies and the many, many policies they offer.
  • The agent will find you the right policy for your needs.
  • An independent agent will get to know you in order to optimize your coverage.
  • The agent will make sure you have all the extra riders that you need.


  • An independent agent will open up options for you that you just won’t have with a singular insurance company.
  • You can choose from multiple insurance companies as well as policies that the company may not tell you about.

Customer Service

  • Our business is built on repeat customers and community, so you know we’ll treat you right.
  • We’ll help you file your insurance claims should the need arise.
  • We know how to get a claim paid.
  • Insurance companies will try to deny your claim, but we know the system and how to work it so your claim gets paid.