1. What to Consider When Buying Homeowners Insurance

    The housing market in Northern Colorado, and Colorado in general, is booming. In Fort Collins, houses are barely staying on the market for a week, which shows just how competitive it is when it comes to owning the home of your dreams. If you have bee…Read More

  2. Home Security Tips

    Your home is your castle, and, of course, you want it to be as safe as a medieval keep with a deep moat. Alas, modern homes do not have fortified walls and moats to keep invaders from entering. Instead, we have to depend on window locks, deadbolts, s…Read More

  3. Condo Insurance Basics

    Are you looking at buying your first condo and have questions about how insurance on a condo differs from a free-standing home insurance policy? With the proliferation of condos construction in Northern Colorado, we are getting more and more question…Read More

  4. Studs-in Versus Studs-out

    Security Insurance Group in Greely serves all of Northern Colorado including Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor. We are staffed by independent insurance agents, so our agents will find you the best policy out there to meet your needs. We know the com…Read More

  5. Independent Insurance Agents are on Your Side

    Security Insurance Group serves Northern Colorado, providing homeowners insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and more. You may be thinking,” Security Insurance Group? I’ve never seen a TV commercial for the Or maybe, “I don’t know their …Read More

  6. Auto Insurance from an Agent

      When you are looking at getting car insurance for the first time or are shopping for a new policy, come to Security Insurance Group, and we’ll help you get the perfect insurance for your needs and budget. We are an independent agency serving…Read More

  7. What Does Comprehensive Coverage Actually Cover?

    In our last blog, we began talking about auto insurance and how an independent agent at Security Insurance Group can help find a policy that fits your needs exactly. In this week’s blog, we are going to cover the different choices you will have whe…Read More

  8. Do You Need Car Insurance?

    Auto insurance is mandatory in Colorado. If you get pulled over and are found to be uninsured, you will be fined $500 and get four points on your driving record. Your license will also be suspended until you provide proof of insurance. The second tim…Read More

  9. Just In Case

    Many young adults don’t get life insurance when they should. If this applies to you, we would like to tell you some reasons you should get life insurance. maybe you think you think you don’t need life insurance because you are young and healthy, …Read More