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Business Insurance

Security Insurance Group is staffed by highly trained independent insurance agents that can assess your needs and then match you with a business insurance policy that will fully cover you. Whether you are running a home based business or a brick and mortar business that is booming, there are business insurance policies to fit your needs. The Fort Collins area is experiencing a real boom certain sectors of the economy right now with many new business owners entering the market. If you are new to owning a business or an old hand, we can help you with your business insurance. We know that if you are a small business owner you are investing your time, money, sweat and tears into your business and your investment deserves to be protected. Having business insurance can give you the safety net you need to move forward fearlessly.

There are many moving parts to a business and each one deserves to be covered: from your exterior signage to your on-premises or service related liability. Every business owner knows that opening and running a business can be risky. ⅔ of all businesses close before their 10th anniversary. There are things that can go wrong that can lead to great expenses. Sometimes those expenses can cause the business to close. Simply closing is only one risk a business faces. Risks come in all shapes and sizes: fire, vandalism, liability, floods, computer hacking, or an economic downturn.Minimize all those risks and give yourself peace of mind by having the right business insurance policy. Having the right business insurance policy protects you, your business and all those who depend on it including your family and employees.