1. Qualities of a Great Insurance Agent – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the traits that you’re going to want to have an insurance agent, especially one that you’re going to trust with your small business insurance. These individuals are the people that are going to dictat…Read More

  2. Qualities of a Great Insurance Agent

    Insurance isn’t something that you should ever take lightly. While it is a proactive step to take, there is so much that goes into the process and protection of your insurance policy that it shouldn’t be a procedure that you trust with just anybo…Read More

  3. Getting Life Insurance is ‘Adulting’ Right!

      There are things that we all must do to make it as a grown up in the world. The term ‘adulting’ has come to encompass these sometimes onerous tasks. It means everything from going to bed early on a work night to setting up auto pay on your…Read More

  4. Winter Driving Refresher Course

    Security Insurance Group is not your average insurance company. No, we are an independent insurance group. This means we are staffed by independent insurance agents. This, in turn, means that we are not beholden to the big insurance companies. Instea…Read More

  5. Choosing the Right Deductible for You – Part 2

    In our last blog post we touched on the importance of knowing what types of things could factor into your deductible. From the amount of time that you spend driving to what a realistic budget looks like for you, there are quite a few things that coul…Read More

  6. Choosing the Right Deductible for You

    In our last blog post, we covered a few of the things that you should be considering when you are in the process of shopping around for insurance companies, but also when you’re trying to find the right coverage for you and any other drivers that w…Read More

  7. FAQs About E & O Insurance

    Security Insurance Group offers insurance for all aspects of your life. We can help you protect your home, your car, your business, and even your professional standing. Our coverage can cover you from the time you get up in the morning, through your …Read More

  8. Home Security Tips

    Your home is your castle, and, of course, you want it to be as safe as a medieval keep with a deep moat. Alas, modern homes do not have fortified walls and moats to keep invaders from entering. Instead, we have to depend on window locks, deadbolts, s…Read More